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You could also call this heading "My philosophy" or "My vision." This website is an attempt to change attitudes on an otherwise controversial and polarizing issue. For what many feel, to use an abortion euphemism, should be an obvious, choice

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Anonymity is for cowards, who don't have the courage of their conviction.

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Johann Wanner

Giving voice to the unborn innocents

I am a former military pilot 2o year retired veteran of the USAF reserves, a veteran of the first gulf war in the liberation of Kuwait, who decided to find a way to become part of the conversation. Rather than spectate on the problem, try to attempt in some small way to try and fix it rather than just talk about it.  changing attitudes can be a tedious process but it begins with small steps to draw attention to what may have been missed or ignored in the discussion. Tolerance is a euphemism for cowardice when we fail to have any convictions about our true beliefs. I am a Christian and my God expects us to stand out not simply fit in.

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