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Ethically challenged Planned Parenthood


This is a transcript of a portion of a conversation acquired by two pro-life activists in an undercover video. taken at a planned Parenthood clinic in California. Ironically the people charged by the california Attorney general were the activists for invasion of privacy not the ethically challenged clinic selling fetal body parts.

This is the conversation I copied down by pausing my DVR to write down this conversation, that is breathtaking in the lack of moral conscience it exhibits. When did the difference between right and wrong become such a trick question?

Buyer: "how much of a difference can that actually make, If you know kind of (of a body part is needed) what's expected or what we need versus─?"
Planned parenthood: It makes a Hugh difference. I'd say a lot of people want liver.

Buyer: "Mhm"

Planned Parenthood: And for that reason, most providers will do this case under ultrasound guidance, So they'll know where their putting their forceps."
Planned Parenthood: So we just started the conversation. They're a startup, that they have been about a year in business, They are a for profit company that's connecting researchers with people willing to donate(their baby's) tissue."

Planned Parenthood: "Our volume, thank you for giving it to me is 800 (abortions) a year, with 60 in the 2nd Trimester, and we were just starting to talk about the process. Worked with Novogenix down in Los Angeles when I was there.

Planned Parenthood: "To back up a little, PPFA, our parent body, is on board with Tissue donation" (amazing how euphemisms, like tissue donations, are used to pretend something is other than it is), "but we have to ask for a waiver to do it. And we have to lay out for them, what our program is gonna be like."

And Democrats will vehemently defend this practice. Their ideology is apparently religion to them. And they will use euphemisms like women'health and choice to obfuscate the issue to defend the indefensible and look at you with a straight face asking what's your problem?


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