If you don’t keep that baby you will?

If you don’t keep that baby you will meet him or her in the next life. And have the opportunity to weep for all eternity over the life you might choose to turn away. Find your faith in God through your baby, Realize that the baby in your womb is not a curse, an inconvenience, but a blessing who will love you unconditionally all their life and return all the love and tenderness you pour into them, more than a hundredfold. Give him or her a name and imagine a face, and the fetus becomes a son or daughter a reflection of you, and all the love and tenderness that you actually contain find the love within you that makes you truly beautiful. find something you value more than yourself. Find the love you have always dreamed of that lies within in your womb that hopes to someday grip your finger with their hand and cry and find comfort, love, and tenderness against your bosom. It will be either the best or worst decision of your life. MAKE IT THE BEST DECISION OF YOUR LIFE. Of all the people you might meet and give your life and your heart to, who is most likely to treasure it all their life long, even when your old and feeble. I would venture a safe bet that it is the life within your womb who will always want to be with you in sickness and in health, for richer or poorer till death do you part, that should be a proposal you can depend upon.

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