1 thought on “Once in a Lifetime you find real love”

  1. Once in a Liftime, you find real love, Pure love without guile or deceit, the kind that only a child can give not the smoke and empty promises when someone is trying to get in your pants. But the love that A child will give you forever. With a child, they are radiators that radiate love back to you, you pour in love and they will radiate it back to you a hundredfold well after you are less than you were in your youth. They won’t leave you or betray you or divorce you, Give them your love and affection and forever their will be someone in your life that thinks you are special and worth all their love all the time. Keep the innocent and pure love within you. It will not judge you but love you always. Why would you dispose of such a thing? The easy path is often not the best path give the love you would wish for yourself to the child within you. It will be the best choice you’ll ever make.

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