Some tips for those who choose to comment

all comments go into a queue for review to prevent individuals from posting profanities or links to porn sites, which some have tried to do.

If you copy and paste flattery that is obvious BS, ie., saying you like the article when the post was in fact a video you identify yourself as a spammer and all your posts go into the trash.

If you try to sell something or include a link in your post it immediately goes into the trash and will never appear on this site.

If you go off topic the comment will go into the trash.

comments are encouraged if they are on topic. You need not agree with the posts on this site for them to be approved if your comment looks like it will incite a civil discussion. Use of pejoratives, name calling, and disrespect should be obvious reasons why such a comment would end up in the trash.

So if you wish to waste my time trashing your comments, knock yourself out. I am able to bulk trash authors who are regular spammers violating the above rules.

those who make cogent and reasonable comments are very welcome and encouraged to make comments. This website covers a serious subject. THE WILLFUL KILLING OF THE INNOCENT IN THE WOMB, SO SERIOUS COMMENTS ARE SIMILARLY WELCOME. Please do not think flattery will get your comment any favourable treatment or attention quite the contrary. This website is an attempt to encourage women with unplanned pregnancies to keep the life within their womb. IT IS MOST DEFINITELY NOT AN ATTEMPT TO STROKE MY OWN EGO.

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